Stay Home. Play Together.

In a time when we need to stay physically apart, it’s amazing to see how people are using games as a way to stay safe and be together.

We want to share inspiring stories with the world and help everyone to stay safe and find more ways to connect through play.

Stay safe. Stay home. Play together.

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Health Education Is Boring

Children and adults alike do not understand the importance of health education unless they have been personally affected by it. The reason people lack health education is because health education is boring, we intend to make health education interesting by gamifying health education, engaging the player through immersive experiences and creating a social engagement platform.

Interactive Health Education

We are building an interactive video game for children related to COVID-19. This interactive video game teaches kids and adults regarding the Do's and Dont's related of COVID-19 and will have quizzes to test the understanding of the topic. Interactive video games improve engagement and can play a critical role in the education aspect of COVID-19. This interactive video game will be a free app to download and can be played on mobile phones or any other display device.

Immersive Experience

The interactive video game will teach kids the following:

  1. Wash hands with water and soap/sanitizer, at least 20 seconds

  2. Avoid contact with sick people or Social distancing

  3. Don't touch eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands

  4. Avoid contact with animals and animal products

  5. Do not share eating utensils and food

  6. Thoroughly cook meat and eggs

  7. Don't eat raw food

  8. Wear a mask avoid crowded places

  9. Avoid travelling to affected areas unless necessary

  10. If you become sick seek medical care immediately

Easy Learning

Interactive Gaming is where the players actively and physically engage in the activities of a video game. If the theme of the game is COVID-19, then they play hand washing, physical distancing, not touching the face, wearing a mask, covering cough and sneezes, avoiding crowded spaces, sharing items etc.

  1. Educate the user in an engaging way.

  2. Gamify the learning experience by giving a score to improve engagement.

  3. Engage the entire family in the learning process.

  4. Parents learn while teaching their kids.

  5. Personalize the characters to include their faces on the characters.

  6. Concept is portable to other diseases, giving speed and flexibility if a new strain or pandemic emergency arises

Video Game Addiction For Good

Recreational video gaming is a big industry, people spend hours playing video games because they are addictive. Patient engagement and health education is a new and upcoming field. Traditionally, Doctors do not have enough time to engage and educate the patients which leads to poor patient adherence, and patient engagement. This inturn leads to poor patient outcomes and costs the healthcare system enormous sums of money in lost savings and revenue.

We are using the addictive nature of video gaming combined with health education to improve prevention, increase patient engagement and adherence. There is no better way to engage children than through video games where the games incentivize positive behaviour and disincentivize negative behaviour. As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

There are health gaming applications in the market for conditions like ADHD, depression, anxiety but we haven’t seen one for COVID-19 yet.

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