Create Your Living Will on a Smartphone

No More Paperwork - Easy Creation, Secure Storage and Timely Access

Creating a Living Will has never been this easy. All it takes is a few clicks on your Mobile phone

What is the problem?

Creating a LIVING WILL is cumbersome and disjointed process today. Not having the LIVING WILL available in the time of need by emergency medical service professionals leads to unnecessary steps and procedures performed against the Patients will. This could also lead to unnecessary harm to the patient and increased cost to the health systems. The current process of creating a LIVING WILL is manual and inefficient.

Here is the Solution!

WillChain is digitizing the LIVING WILL and making it available to the concerned parties at the right place and the right time. WillChain provides a legal consensus platform for Advance Care Planning for Healthcare Patients and Providers on Blockchain. WillChain addresses key fundamental issue of Patient identity across care continuum, consensus based legal framework, patient centered and participant driven decision making and immutable transaction entry into the Blockchain for traceability, legal and compliance purposes.

Blockchain Technology

WillChain uses Blockchain technologies to eliminate intermediaries while providing a single source of record on the distributed ledger to all the Care Team participants, family members, regulators, health plans and the national health network. Consensus mechanism provides ledger entry for power of attorney, immutability provides legal validity and increases accuracy, consumer centered, the consumer provides access key to anyone they choose.​ Blockchain logs and ensures the chain of custody and helps with matching the patient with their Living Will.

With WillChain, Interoperability and Cybersecurity issues are issues of the past. WillChain offers FHIR based REST API's which can connect to any FHIR enabled Electronic Medical Records. With Cryptographic hashing technology, we provide the industries most advanced Cybersecurity technology available today.

User describes their preferences for care in a medical emergency on a mobile device

  • The Person I Want to Make Care Decisions for Me When I Can't
  • The Kind of Medical Treatment I Want or Don't Want
  • How Comfortable I Want to Be
  • How I Want People to Treat Me
  • What I Want My Loved Ones to Know

Get timely and legally binding Advance Directives regarding a patient when and where you need it safely and securely

  • Advance Care Planning
  • Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST)
  • Patient matching and EHR integration
  • HIPAA compliant & legally binding

Benefits of our technology

Identity Management

We provide secure Biometric identity authentication, authorization and LIVING WILL creation.


We provide a way to track and identify all patients and viewers of a Living Will.

Chain of Custody

We provide paper trail that records the sequence of custody, control, transfer, analysis, and disposition of physical or electronic evidence.

Patient Matching

After the LIVING WILL has been created, we will match it with the medical records at different hospitals and send it to them.

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