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Blockchain Software Development

Our Blockchain software development support team can help you to design and build software and hardware based MVP products and prototypes. We can support your development needs in various areas such as Blockchain, iOT, device development, system design, database development, HIPAA compliant design and development, scale up to big data and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning algorithms, chatbots, Natural Language Processing, blockchain, interoperability applications etc.

Market Access

With collaboration with WorldCongress, We have access to over 1 million C level executives who could be your next potential customer for the products developed by your startup. We will provide qualified warm introductions to these C level executives as well as facilitate your interactions with them based on our assessment of the business needs of your company.

Digital Marketing

We will provide support for developing and implementing a viable marketing strategy and approach to reaching potential customers and market introduction of your product. We will invite you to various forums where you can meet potential customers and present your products to them in a professional environment. The brand recognition and marketing will be supported by Health Innovators in USA. Health Innovators is a non-profit, which has network of 20,000 members including clinicians, programmers, investors, product managers, business developers, marketing, doctors and healthcare professionals who are interested in healthcare innovation. Additionally, we have existing strong online presence through our website, social media, monthly events (including acknowledgment and stage time), conferences, startup wars, hackathons and health incubator program which can help you promote your company through sponsorships. While we are committed to growing your global market presence, we want to emphasize that your US based company remains as your business and its operations are your responsibility.

Access To Pilots

In healthcare, testing your product in the relevant clinical environment is mandatory and a crucial step to product development prior to success in raising money. Health Innovators has many years of successful engagement with healthcare professionals in all areas of healthcare delivery and can work with you to facilitate successful partnerships for building your product in a clinically relevant manner.

Access To Capital

We can help you and guide you in the process of obtaining financial resources for the growth of your company. Health Innovators runs an equity crowdfunding platform, Cryptocurrency investor platform and investor conferences which provide opportunity to our member companies to present their proposal and gain access to capital from our community of 20,000 members as well as our founders, angel investors, venture capitalist and state organizations. While we are committed to growing your global market presence, we want to emphasize that it is your business and its operations are your responsibility, and you decide how much capital to seek and how much equity to distribute.

Facilities & Infrastructure

Depending on your needs, we can arrange for the facilities (wet lab and office facilities in selected cities) and help you establish the physical structure for your company. We can also help you to obtain collaborative relationships with universities so you can obtain needed research support.

Technology Access

Health Innovators can help you to obtain the technology you need to build your product portfolio. We can assist in building collaborations with appropriate university researchers who can perform the basic research for your business. We can also help you to find partners who can help you to build the technologies to bring your product to marketplace, as well as guide you for establishing relationships with manufacturer to build your product in production volumes.

Access To Talent

Health innovators can refer you to qualified third party providers who can help you to plan and establish your technical and non technical staff resources and human resources capabilities to manage your staff on an ongoing basis.

Financial Management

Health innovators can refer you to qualified third party providers who can help you to manage your financial management functions such as accounting and taxation etc. They will be able to provide you the consulting services you need to streamline your business operations and meet the financial reporting obligations.

Legal Services

Health innovators can refer you to qualified third party providers who can help you to manage the legal aspects of your business, such as corporate governance etc. They will be able to provide you the consulting services you need to ensure the relevant corporate functions are managed properly and in a timely manner.

Certification Services

Most healthcare products are required to meet stringent operational criteria for use in the clinical settings (e.g HIPAA compliance). Health Innovators will be able to validate your products and certify the compliance for use in the clinical setting. This certification will help you to avoid redundant steps to convince each and every customer that your product can be deployed in their environment without additional repeat validation effort. This can help you save time and money and help you to scale up your product deployment in the marketplace.

Market Research

Health Innovators can provide you help in developing market research for your intended product, Whether you are a startup introducing your first product in the marketplace, or an established company trying to enlarge your product into new areas and markets, Health Innovators can help. We can assist you by getting help from MBAs, scientists, subject matter experts and entrepreneurs from world class universities such as MIT, Harvard, Hult Business School, Brandeis University, Northeastern University etc. and help you develop market research plans that are appropriate for your needs.

Business Plans

Health Innovators can provide you help in developing business and strategy development plans. We can help in obtaining consulting support from professors and students who can review your current business models and present with you alternatives which you can consider to grow your business.