Incubation Companies

Anonymous Health

Anonymous Health, was built to address privacy & security concerns with people suffering from Mental health issues. We have built a Telehealth platform on BLOCKCHAIN from the ground up to keep all the transactions of the patient anonymous including payment transactions.

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We are the world first health tech company which is incentivizing patient data submission via TOKENS (Cryptocurrency). It has been extremely hard to collect non clinical patient data related to the social determinants of health. This reluctance arises from fear of data breaches & a lack of proper incentives for patients to participate & share their data. We are changing that through our TOKEN reward & loyalty program. Our ultimate goal is to correlate medication efficacy & safety for each and every individual by simplifying data collection to provide personalized medicine to the consumer. Our mission is to democratize health data collection and empower the consumer to enjoy personalized health services while getting paid for their own data submission. YOU are the owner of your data and YOU choose what do with it.

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SSOT Health

The SecuredPHR is the first app developed ground up using Blockchain technology in the world. SecuredEMR is data wallet with anyone and who has control to whom share using iron-clad security protocol powered by SSOT Blockchain framework.

The SecurePharma is the first ground-breaking Blockchain based Pharma application. Improved workflow, built in AI based algorithm helps individual , pharmacy, PBMs and drug manufacturers in the supply chain. The product is regulatory compliant and audit ready app.

The SSOT Blockchain powered application with SSOT AI engine handles complexities of insurance claims. It manages fraud in various lines of business in the insurance industry. Append only ledger process with SSOT framework is fully securing the the insurance data from fraud.

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Alexa for Health

Smartphone is great but elders are not good at using it. They have grown up talking on a regular landline and that is what they are used to. Why change the behavior? This was the fundamental driving force for the creation of Alexa for Health.

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Uber Nurse

Uber Nurse is addressing visiting Nurse burnout. Nurses log in to the app when they want to work and they can see the patients they can take care of and Nurses can switch off the app when they don't feel like working. This is flexible on-demand Nursing.

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Quit smoking coach

Quit smoking coach utilizes state of the art technology to capture user behavior using a wearable. Once user behavior is identified, a quit smoking coach is assigned to provide a personalized quit smoking therapy based on their specific behavior patterns.

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Refill Automation

Physicians receive hundreds of prescription refill requests every week. This is a time consuming and laborious task. We are automating prescription refill by using a logic, all the Physician has to do is click a button to refill a prescription.

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Our Interoperability (APPS HUB) platform solves the most challenging healthcare connectivity problems across different data silos. Our platform can aggregate, normalize and standardize the data to make it interoperable. We support FHIR APIs.