Go Global Program

Are you?

  1. An entrepreneur currently outside USA with a growing startup company in healthcare space?
  2. Looking to expand your company to USA, but don’t know how to or don’t have the resources?
  3. Looking for professional support and introductions to potential customers in USA?
  4. Looking for access to capital from US based venture capitalists and angel investors?
  5. Looking for access to latest research and technology to help enhance my competitive advantage?

Go Global Program

Health Innovators Go Global Program is a unique resource to help global healthcare entrepreneurs to get a footprint in United States.​​

Go Global Program is designed for growing companies seeking new markets, technology and access to capital. With a membership in Go Global Program, companies and entrepreneurs will get legal corporate presence in USA, gain access to USA market and customers, latest technology, research and capital.

​You will also be able to benefit from the vast networking connections Health Innovators have accumulated over the past several years. Health Innovators’ 20,000+ network contacts include hospitals, doctors, nurses, administrators, leading medical companies, scientists and researchers at world-class research organizations like MIT and Harvard, venture capital and angel investors, as well as other healthcare stakeholders.

You will get a global footprint for your company. You will own an US based company with ties to your home company. You will own up to 90% of your US based entity (less, depending on dilution due to investors). In addition:

  • Legal Business Presence in the USA (Massachusetts).
  • Access to healthcare communities and potential network of 20,000 members.
  • Support with Local staff recruitment for your company operations in US.
  • 4 C's - Coaching to staff, access to Capital to company operations, Consultation for growth, Connections to existing healthcare ecosystem.

As a registered representative for your US based business, we will file legal papers on your behalf. We will provide you a mailing address and a physical presence in the state of Massachusetts. We will file annual renewal documents on your behalf as per your instructions. We can refer you to Certified Public Accountants (CPA) or tax professionals to manage the tax filings / returns for your company.


The brand recognition and marketing will be supported by Health Innovators in USA. Health Innovators is a non-profit, which has network of 20,000 members including clinicians, programmers, investors, product managers, business developers, marketing, doctors and healthcare professionals who are interested in healthcare innovation. Additionally, we have existing strong online presence through our website, social media, monthly events (including acknowledgment and stage time), unconferences, startup wars, hackathons and health incubator program which can help you promote your company through sponsorships. While we are committed to growing your global market presence, we want to emphasize that your US based company remains as your business and its operations are your responsibility.

Go Global Program will facilitate your business presence and initial customer introduction. The initial customer introduction and facilitation for US based company will be provided by Go Global Program, based on mutual agreement and need. If needed, we will represent your company during initial customer introduction to help you build positive relationships by leveraging our trust in the communities. By working with us, you can immediately gain access to our mentor network. Our mentors are veterans in their area and are equipped with strong industry connections. While we are committed to growing your global market presence, we want to emphasize that it is your business and its operations are your responsibility. The development of strategic directions, business plans and marketing research for your company can be performed by professional MBA students from Harvard, MIT, Boston University, Northeastern University, HULT University and other world class universities. Go Global Program will be able to coordinate, if needed, support for recruitment and negotiate on your behalf to engage the services of these professionals. Go Global Program has a job board enlisting company jobs and (job seekers/ connections with job seekers) from the healthcare industry and renowned universities. Additionally, we will help you incubate your US based company as per American culture.

We run an equity crowdfunding platform and investor conferences which provide opportunity to our member companies to present their proposal and gain access to capital from our community of 20,000 members as well as our founders, angel investors, venture capitalist and state organizations. While we are committed to growing your global market presence, we want to emphasize that it is your business and its operations are your responsibility, and you decide how much capital to seek and how much equity to distribute. Go Global can help you and guide you in the process.


Annual Membership fee for your US based company is $2000 per year. In addition, we will own 10% of shares in the US based company and 1 Board Seat in the Board of Directors of your US based company, as we are interested in making sure your US based operation is managed properly and meet your stated goals in USA. This ownership will be held by the for-profit company called Innotria. The annual membership fee covers the cost of initial state filing for your corporation as well as its subsequent annual renewals. Please note that the fee does not cover your costs associated with business operations, marketing or management or additional services provided by Health Innovators specifically to your business operations.