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Opioid addiction

Early detection and prevention of Opioid addiction using Google search technology.

Saving lives using Goolge search keyword technology. We are building a Pill Identifier Chatbot which can be used via Facebook messenger. Through this chatbot, customers learn more about pills, medications and resources for narcotic addiction.

See our solution pitch deck. Contact Dr. Maninder Manihani for inquiries regarding this product.

Treatment Bed Finder (Bed database)

With the Treatment Bed Finder Chatbot, patients seeking services can book a bed in real time. Mental health and substance use disorder patients can book inpatient beds, outpatient spots, prescribers, detox unit beds, available counselors/doctors taking new appointments.

Our effort is to strength the community based crisis response systems. We are developing and maintaining a real-time, Internet-based bed database to collect, aggregate, and display information about beds in inpatient psychiatric facilities and crisis stabilization units, and residential community mental health and residential substance use disorder treatment facilities to facilitate the identification and designation of facilities for the temporary treatment of individuals in mental or substance use disorder crisis.

Our bed database provides the following informatio:

  • Includes information on inpatient psychiatric facilities, crisis stabilization units, and residential community mental health and residential substance use disorder facilities in the State of Massacusetts, including contact information for the facility or unit.
  • Provides real-time information about the number of beds available at each facility or unit and, for each available bed, the type of patient that may be admitted, the level of security provided, and any other information that may be necessary to allow for the proper identification of appropriate facilities for treatment of individuals in mental or substance use disorder crisis

We want to build something like this which New York has already implemented.

Patient satisfaction digital survey

Patient Talkback is a real-time patient feedback mobile/web application to gather patient surveys to improve patient satisfaction. Patient Talkback offers healthcare providers a simple and low-cost method to monitor and improve patient satisfaction via a cloud-based smartphone application.

Contact Dr. Kalyan Kalwa for inquiries for this product. This product is live and is in production.

Patient Wait-Time App

Patient wait time is the # 1 compliant a patient has. On Time Or Not solves patient wait time issue by displaying Doctor wait time on TV in the patient waiting room. Admin staff can update the wait time with a single click on their mobile device.

Contact Dr. Kalyan Kalwa for inquiries regarding this product. This product is live and is in production.

Smart retail pharmacy pill counter

It is tedious to count pills manually while dispensing a prescription at a retail pharmacy, our goal is to streamline the process for efficiency and accuracy.

Depression Chatbot

Our depression chatbot is a Facebook bot that helps people suffering from depression. It provides useful information to combat depression, provides cognitive based therapy, simulation games using virtual and augmented reality and connect them with other users and expert therapist.

We are working with a neurologist who treats Multiple Sclerosis and all his patients are depressed. The doctor doesn't have time to spend with each and every patient so we are building a chatbot to address this issue.

Contact Dr. Maninder Manihani for inquiries regarding this product.

Uber Nurse

Real-time discharge notification of patients to home healthcare agencies with automatic Nurse dispatching to patients' homes.

Home healthcare agencies get a notification when a patient is discharged from a hospital so that they can help the patient with transition of care. The idea is to provide Nurses via Uber technologies. User can choose a nurse and request an in-home nurse visit with a click of a button. We are working with 24hourscare home healthcare service to transform their business.

Reach out to Collins Emerhi to inquire more about this startup.

Smoking cessation program

We are creating a scalable smoking cessation program.

Sperm count and motility home test

Men suffering from infertility don't seem to seek help because of the stigma associated with it. Men have to go to an infertility clinic to provide sperm sample which is inconvenient and embarrassing for them.

Our solution turns a smartphone into a microscope and our app algorithm counts the number of sperms as well as their motility. Discrete at home testing of sperm count and motility using smartphone will help men easily identify if they need help.

Contact Dr. Kalyan Kalwa for inquiries regarding this product.

Chatbot for eating disorders

Social and peer pressure is driving young teen girls to take extreme measure to stay skinny. This leads to disorders like bulimia and anorexia. Our chatbot helps people looking for help and advice anonymously.

People suffering from eating disorders can ask questions and get help anonymously via our facebook chatbot. Our chatbot provides helpful information regarding the disorder and connect the user to the right resources. Our chatbot also does Cognitive behavior modification to talk people out of the disorder by slow behavior modification.

This project is the brain child of Daniela who herself struggled with eating disorder and now is on a mission to tell her story and help people suffering from this disorder.

Fall prevention via smart knee brace

Loss of muscle mass and tone (atrophy) of quadriceps muscles occurs in senior people with chronic arthritis of knee joints.

Our smart knee brace helps improve muscle mass of quadriceps muscle via resistance training. Its sensors and motor helps people get up from a chair with ease, improves muscle mass, improves gait, help with fall prevention and gives freedom to people suffering from chronic arthritis and muscle mass loss.

This project is the brain child of Shivam (Dartmouth student). This project is personal for Shivam, he has seen his grandmother loose freedom from muscle atrophy due to chronic arthritis of the knee and he is determined to change it with his smart knee brace.

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