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CoupleWise is a digital behavioral health benefit that leverages 60 years of research on how to build long-lasting marriages/relationships, including a proven method for conflict resolution. Why? An employee’s satisfaction with their family life directly correlates to reduced absenteeism, lower healthcare costs, improved productivity, culture, and retention.

Company description:

CoupleWise is the 1st digital behavioral health & wellness application for couples to mirror the therapeutically-sound couples counseling process. CoupleWise brings new levels of affordability, privacy and personalization to couple enrichment & counseling without human mediation, and breaking barriers on stigma associated with seeing a counselor.

Based on the work of our world renowned advisory board, CoupleWise has been curated from 60 years of marriage research of over 35,000 couples—specifically, research on what common needs are met in the longest lasting relationships. CoupleWise allows couples to self-assess the 24 core relationship needs all adults have in common, including 9 needs that are predictors of long lasting relationships, and leverages the latest advances in technology to develop an individually customized, easy-to-use application that promotes and teaches the positive behavioral changes needed to help build healthy, long-lasting relationships.

Dan Gallo, Co-founder/CEO

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We are actively seeking new customers and distribution partners (Payers, Providers, EAPs, Wellness, etc.) and other content players that compliment our bundled offerings.

Company name: CoupleWise

Date founded: May 2016


Dan Gallo, Co-founder/CEO

Call 617.863.0108 to inquire

Funding to date: $175 thousand

Financing sought: $475 thousand

Current investors: N/A

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Facebook: @CoupleWise

Twitter: @CoupleWise

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