We are a Emotional Intelligence company focused on working with Facial Mircoexpressions of Emotion (FMEE). We apply our methodology to variety of fields.

Delivering a remote, effective, objective, diagnostic screening of invisible wounds: Face2Face™ The Next Level in Identifying/Treating PTSD

Company description:

FutureLife.US, an emerging technology company, has developed Face2Face™, a unique application using identified patterns of involuntary facial expressions lasting only fractions (1/15th to 1/30th) of a second, to produce objective measurements of emotional states and predict behavior. Its patented process for analyzing Digital Facial Recognition data can be used to detect deception and bias, reveal unrecognized or unacknowledged emotional vulnerabilities, predict responses to stress and quantify patients’ benefit from treatment or employees’ mastery of skills through Human Resource Department training programs. Face2Face™ will redefine best practices in fields as wide-ranging as Clinical Psychology, School Counseling, Corporate Hiring and Team Building, Criminology and Addiction Recovery. Research and development efforts on the following areas: TeleHealth/Behavioral Health: PTSD, Recruitment & Management of Human Capital, Homeland Security & Public Safety, Addiction Recovery.

John Kilmer,


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Company name: Future Life.US

Date founded: October 2013


John Kilmer, Founder/CEO

Call 617.863.0108 to inquire

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Financing sought: $2.5 million

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Website URL: www.FutureLife.US

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