Precision Medicine

Company name: NeoZenome Therapeutics

Date founded: February 2018

Hemchandra Kavuri



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Precision Oncology Services & Drug Repositioning

Company description:

Oncologists, Hospitals, Cancer clinics are our clients with whom we work very closely in a collaborative mode during the entire period of Patient-Cure-Cycle-Management, extending our clinical decision support services to them.

Patient-Cure-Cycle-Management starts from the time patient’s history and genome sequencing are analysed till the time total remission or acceptable levels of remission is achieved. PatientCure-Cycle-Management includes all phases of treatment interventions covering pre and during treatment period.

Our collaborative mode of working with oncologists / hospitals ensures prompt and timely delivery of clinical decision support services from our end; and get feedback on patient outcomes from oncologists/hospitals end, thereby setting the stage for next course of remedial actions.

With an expertise is DIGITAL MEDICINE with CLINICAL INSIGHT, the team at NeoZenome comprises of Oncologists, Bioinformatician & Information Technologists to operate State-of-the Art Technology platforms in Precision Oncology; and Scientists, in OncoGenomics Research & Development with innovations in specialized therapeutic drugs.

Financial highlights:

Project cost is $10.0 Million and project period 12 months ((Year 1) Projected revenue in Year 2 is expected to be around $12 Million. Number of patients to be covered around 5000 during the operational year and average billing per patient is assumed USD 2,500. Billing potential per patient can reach a range as high as USD 5,000 –10,000. The operations of company expected to be CASH POSITIVE from year 2 onward. We are interested to get connected with potential investors to support this project take off, as planned.