PerSon Clinic

Company name: PerSoN Clinic LLC

Date founded: February 2017


Focusing on cancer, depression, and smoking addiction, we connect patients, caregivers, care provider teams, and researchers for better outcome.

Sarah Iranpour,



Funding to date: N/A

Financing sought: N/A

Current investors: N/A

Website URL: PerSoN.Clinic

Facebook: @PerSoNClinic

Twitter: @PerSoNClinic

LinkedIn: company/psnclinic/

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Investors and collaborators with interest in digital health and E-counseling solution for quality outcome, preferably focusing on cancer and depression.

Company description:

PerSoN Clinic is a multi-chronic condition management system that converts subjective conversations into measurable and meaningful data, with a focus on cancer, smoking addiction, and depression.

PerSon Clinic, free for patients everywhere, bridges the communication gap between patients, caregivers, and researchers. Our guiding principles: Inform, Consult, Empower, and Collaborate are in accordance with the best standard of care for creating effective disease management.

PerSoN Clinic features NCI-compliant toxicity-related symptoms tracker (PRO-CTCAE library) for patients going through radiation therapy (WWW.PSN.CLINIC).