SSOT HEALTH - A Healthcare Foundation building Blockchain powered healthcare framework and a network. SSOT HEALTH is like an Ethereum for healthcare industry, building smart contracts driven network from ground up. HEALTH TECH companies and start-ups that can adopt and benefit from its framework. SSOT Health addressing all the major challenges facing the healthcare data analytics industry today. Using blockchain technology, SSOT Health will enhance data security, unhackable data storage which should help all users of healthcare data comply with HIPAA. Driven by Ethereum smart contracts, the SSOT Health platform also removes data silos by tying medical history data to global patient IDs and enables trustless interoperability across electronic health systems. Plus, the SSOT Health platform facilitates the tokenization of healthcare data across key stakeholders, which should help better align economic incentives.


Decentralizing the personal health record on Ethereum so you can be the CEO of your health.