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9zest digital therapy solutions for people with debilitating conditions.

Company description:

9zest disrupts how therapy is delivered to patients with debilitating conditions, such as Stroke, Parkinson's, and Chronic Pain. 9zest uses Al powered, mobile app delivered tele-therapy solution. The solution enhances the quality of life. Clinical and contextual evidence support that the non-pharmalogic multidisciplinary therapy intervention is feasible, safe, effective; and promotes compliance, recovery and well-being.

* 9zest apps are FDA Registered Class II Medical Devices * The technology leverages Al and mHealth platform to deliver tailored therapy specific to the patient's symptoms * 5 Clinical Trials underway with the 9zest apps in USA and Canada *A recently concluded, NI H funded clinical trial, published in the journal of the Neurological Sciences show significant improvement using the 9zest Stroke Therapy App. * 9zest uses nonpharmalogic, multidisciplinary therapies including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy,Fitness,Yoga and Meditation. * 9zest support adjunct therapy to ameliorate often associated chronic pain * 9zest provision self and therapist assisted modes * Apps are commercially available on Android and iOs * 9zest apps have builtin tools to - Dynamically adapt therapy to the improved condition of the patient - Measure health progression - Keep patients motivated with social engineering, encouragements and peer-competition. We are seeking the fund to scale the business.

Manoj Agarwala

CEO & President at 9zest

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I am seeking investors interested in investing in m-health

Company name: 9zest, Inc.

Date founded: November 2015

Contact: Manoj Agarwala, CEO | Sam Majmundar, CBDO

Call 617.863.0108 to inquire

Funding to date: $1.6 million

Financing sought: $2 million

Current investors: Founders, F&F

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Facebook: @9zest

Twitter: @9zest_inc

LinkedIn: company/9zest/

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