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Appto for practices saves time by cutting out data entry and time spent on the phone/text/App. Doctorpass for patients enables direct payment to doctors especially for uninsured travelers by connecting them with primary care & chronic care providers for non critical conditions.

Company description:

Hospitals and medical groups need to work smarter, not harder. We know how much money and time is wasted on outdated systems and protocols. That’s why Appto has developed a multi-faceted tool that helps doctors and staff spend less time on tedious activities like data entry or time-consuming administrative tasks so they can spend more time focusing on the patient. Appto’s AI and machine-learning technology enables providers to automate their patient appointment scheduling, triage patients by symptoms and streamline patient communication- all backed by a cloud-based, virtual smart-phone-system.

Travelers do not have access to doctors for non-critical conditions & insurance adds a very high deductible that makes the access to doctors un-affordable especially for chronic conditions. Doctorpass for patients allows patients who are travelers to directly pay doctors in 1,3, or 5 pack subscriptions that make it more affordable while reducing paper work for doctors.

Deepti Deepak, Founder/CEO

Call 617.863.0108 to inquire

Company name: ApptoHealth

Date founded: July 2015


Deepti Deepak, Founder/CEO

Call 617.863.0108 to inquire

Funding to date: N/A

Financing sought: $200 thousand

Current investors: Errol Damelin and other angel investors

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