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Built and curated by practicing cardiologists, CardioVisual is a simple, engaging video app to help clinicians save time and better educate patients on cardiovascular conditions, treatments, procedures and prevention at POC, discharge and at home.

Company description:

CardioVisual is focused on creating truly user-friendly technology solutions for real and daily problems that busy clinicians and their patients face. Less than 5% of healthcare apps and digital tools are created by healthcare professionals. Many health apps are lifestyle-focused; are poorly designed for healthcare professionals, e.g EHR, or filled with unreliable information, e.g. social media and “fake news.” With 2- apps-in-1 for clinicians and patients alike, CardioVisual provides an innovative, yet simple tool that saves healthcare professionals time, is easy to use, and provides trusted heart health information to patients.

Our mission is to increase comprehension, compliance, and quality of care for patients. We are not just bringing together content. CardioVisual is connecting physicians, hospitals, professional and advocacy organizations, pharmaceutical companies, device makers and insurance companies to their patients in a meaningful way to help improve the patient experience and health outcomes.

Based on CardioVisual’s success in cardiovascular health, more than 300K downloads and 90K active monthly users, we’re branching into other medical specialties as well, bringing our model of curated, trustworthy and shareable video-based information on mobile devices for professionals and patients alike.

Argelio Dumenigo

VP Engagement

Call 617.863.0108 to inquire

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Company name: CardioVisual

Date founded: April 2015


Argelio Dumenigo,

VP Engagement

Call 617.863.0108 to inquire

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