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Ineffective communication in healthcare is costly. Not only does it negatively impact patient outcomes, but it leads to significant losses in revenue for hospitals and clinics. Traditionally, the industry has responded with web-based patient portals. These now-ubiquitous destinations have found little success. IM Your Doc fills the persistent communication gap bringing healthcare communication and transactions to the mobile device as a real-time, HIPAA compliant communication platform. IMYD is both a stand alone cross-platform application and is increasingly working as an integrated component to existing software platforms. With over 15,000 registered users and a market tested technology, we seek $2 million in funding to scale.

Company description:

IM Your Doc is the mobile-first messaging application disrupting provider-to-provider and patient-to-practice engagement. Anchored in a fully HIPAA-compliant environment, IM Your Doc facilitates real-time delivery and notifications that boost response, engagement and ultimately, patient outcomes.

IMYD works as both a stand-alone cross-platform app and an integrated communication component designed for seamless use with existing healthcare software platforms. IM Your Doc is a market-validated technology with growing user numbers and more than one million messages exchanged last quarter within the IMYD environment.

Looking ahead, we are working to scale using strategic partnerships, with several partnerships currently underway including 2 of the top 10 EHR platforms. To support the success of these partnerships, IMYD seeks $2 million in funding to accelerate strategic scale and product innovation and development.

Company name: IM Your Doc

Date founded: July 2014


Dana Allison, CEO

Call 617.863.0108 to inquire

Funding to date: $2.5 million

Financing sought: $2 million

Current investors: N/A

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Facebook: @IMYourDoc

Twitter: @IM_YourDoc

LinkedIn: company/6400585/

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Dana Allison