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Organizations seeking to seize opportunities with digital solutions that leverage next-generation voice assistant and AI technologies to reduce costs and improve outcomes by enhancing patient engagement. Health systems (providers and payers,) pharmaceutical and biotech companies, medical device manufacturers, etc. Investors seeking opportunities to capitalize on the growth of AI-driven conversational voice experiences especially to improve patients’ experiences and outcomes while capturing data that can drive insights and lead to innovation in healthcare.


Transforming patient-centered care through conversational user experiences & AI applications.

Company description:

Orbita provides an SaaS platform that leverages next-generation voice assistant and artificial intelligence technologies to vastly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of remote patient monitoring, clinical education, care coordination, and research. Orbita Voice™ is the first enterprise-grade platform for creating and managing intelligent HIPAA-compliant voice assistants (for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, for example,) chat bots and other conversational applications for healthcare. Developers use Orbita’s platform to design, build-, and manage digital and conversational solutions across multi-modal, omni-channel environments. With Orbita, developers can enable anyone, regardless of technical skill, to easily create and maintain highly engaging, intelligent conversational experiences that help improve outcomes, reduce costs, and minimize risks for patients with chronic or post-acute healthcare needs.

Bill Rogers


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Funding to date: $3.8 million

Financing sought: $5 million

Current investors: Co-founders

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Facebook: @Orbita.Inc

Twitter: @orbita_inc

LinkedIn: company/10505353/

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