Company name: Vital Start

Date founded: April 2017


Vital Start is a University of Pennsylvania's Penn Center for Innovation (PCI) startup working on smart, safe, superior neonatal care across the continuum.

As a Penn Center for Innovation (PCI) AppItUP Challenge winner, Vital Start (formerly SugarTool) was incubated to manage complex neonatal ICU and Inpatient conditions that can have an adverse impact on the lives of babies and hence the future of population health. Current focus is on enabling a enhanced care management/ coordination solution for neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) across the continuum.

The founders are physicians from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) with deep expertise in pediatrics/neonatalogy and quality. The CEO is a Wharton graduate and a technology executive with extensive experience across R&D, solutions and strategy.

The overarching mission of the company is to empower clinicians, care-givers, providers and payers with a comprehensive value-driven care delivery platform for neonatal care that delivers an improved start for a healthy population, one baby at a time!

Company description:

Our flagship product, Swaddle is an evidence based family centered care platform for opioid exposed babies. This condition is called Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) and has seen a 300% growth over the last decade.

The economic burden to healthcare and Government is significant -- $17 Billion dollars annually. Our product will reduce the inpatient hospital stay and the need for medication for NAS treatment through evidence driven family centered intervention. This will improve cost efficiencies, patient satisfaction and drive behavioral change and greater engagement from the mother/family leading to sustainable recovery outcomes across the continuity of care

Kirthika Parmeswaran,


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Hospital Executives, Health Plan Executives

Funding to date: $1 million

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