Self-funded insurance for small businesses


Benebay is a platform of self-funded healthcare for small companies. We enable companies with fewer than 100 employees enjoy the savings and transparency of self-funded health benefits model.

Company description:

High and rising healthcare costs are an especially acute problem for small companies. Benebay solves this problem by offering a unique combination of self-funded health insurance products and digital user experience tailored to small companies. The solution eliminates insurance overhead.

Benebay’s solution is based on advanced health insurance administration technology developed and tested in Europe. Now it is customized for the American market and successfully implemented with our first clients.

Andrejs Strods, CEO


I am seeking: Early stage funds and angels | Investors in insuretech | Employer benefits | Health insurance | Investment offices and venture funds of insurance and reinsurance companies.

Company name: Benebay, Inc.

Date founded: March 2016


Andrejs Strods, CEO


Funding to date: $300 thousand

Financing sought: $1.5 million

Current investors: N/A

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LinkedIn: Andresjs

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