Viveka Health

Company name: Viveka Health

Date founded: October 2015

Contact: Laurent Laor,



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Insurers, TPAs, Benefit Administrators Overview: Up to 30% of your healthcare dollars are spend on fraud, waste, abuse and errors in bill payment. Eliminate it with Viveka Health.

Company description:

The Viveka Health platform lowers your organizations healthcare benefits expense by tightly managing the domains that cause claims to be paid incorrectly.

These domains:

member management, benefit administration, and claims payment must be aligned to maximize value. The Office of the Inspector General estimates that up to 30% of all healthcare spending is unnecessary. This is often caused by antiquated systems that cannot handle multiple inputs.

Viveka's cloud architecture is thoroughly modern and designed to handle multiple complex data inputs such as mobile and social media to minimize fraud, waste, abuse and errors in data processing. The result is a dramatic savings in healthcare expenditure