Connecting people by bridge online and offline experiences


We bridge online and offline experiences by connecting people through video to their friends and classes from instructors and wellness professionals globally; with guidance from doctors, health coaches, and the community driving higher engagement and better outcomes.

Company description:

BurnAlong is a Health IT company focused on the online wellness and fitness industry. Companies or their insurers pay us for employees, and individuals pay us directly, for unlimited access to classes. Gyms, studios, and wellness partners put their classes on BurnAlong, and market us to their members, wider community, and local companies. The power of our platform derives from four unique features:

  • Consumer Autonomy – virtually unlimited consumer choice of type and time of exercise or wellness class; and the opportunity to join in real-time with family and friends;
  • Alignment – meaningful partnerships with gyms, trainers, physical therapists, and other wellness professionals for content, revenue, and retention;
  • Network effect – selling to insurers, hospitals, corporations, and gyms speeds adoption; and
  • Efficacy – AI feedback confirms what consumers want and what works, and drives outcomes for individuals and clients.

Daniel Freedman, CEO

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I am seeking investors in HeathIT, particularly with an interest in fitness and wellness.

Company name: BurnAlong Inc.

Date founded: April 2016


Daniel Freedman, CEO

Funding to date: $2.225 million

Financing sought: $3 million

Current investors:

Johns Hopkins University, Brown Advisory, Baltimore Angels, and others.

Website URL:

Facebook: @goburnalong

Twitter: @burnalong

LinkedIn: company/10600052/

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