We are a digital chronic pain management SaaS platform for use by both physicians and patients.

Company description:

We are a B2B2C medical system focused and physician/hospital delivered digital chronic pain management platform offering an array of evidence based non-opiate modalities such as mindfulness to reduce prescriptions, improve patient lives and fight the opiate epidemic.

We arm care providers with the right tools to best treat patients while reducing or minimizing opiate prescriptions. We are post MVP, accelerating with $250k in trailing 18 month revenues and expanding for growth with a full sales pipeline.

Sumeet Maniar


Call 617.863.0108 to inquire

I am seeking to meet Digital Health investors, customers - payers, physician groups, hospital systems and other organizations.

Funding to date: $1.2 million

Financing sought: $750 thousand

Current investors: LaunchPad Digital Health, Aristeia Fund, Builders Fund

Website URL: www.wellbrain.io

Facebook: @WellBrainHealthHome

Twitter: @WellBrain_io

LinkedIn: company/6418756/

Pitch URL: http://bit.ly/2qHtS7L